Human Nature

 We are all different

Thank God, I say (if I were religious). We are all different nonetheless. In my opinion it;s the differences that make us interesting. It also makes me extremely frustrated.

As a business owner (before I retired) I had to deal with people from all walks of life. Most, without exception, are good hearted decent people. The others have varying degrees of, let's say, sliminess. Some, too many, are outright liars. They probably don't even recognise themselves as such, as they lie by making promises they never keep. Most converstaions that are statements and can end with the word 'okay' are a form of promise - "I will pay you on Tuesday, okay?" or "I have permission to do this, okay!" or "It's my job, okay!" regardless of the morality of it.

Liars tell you what you want to hear, so if you don't want to be lied to, stop talking with people and start asking questions that have single answers, like "What day will you pay me? and "How will you pay for that". Still, the best way is to not give people the opportunity, so 'payment with order' or 'COD' works, but you must stick to your guns. There is no credit at the grocers.

Other slimy people steal. It may not even be a physical object. They can steal your images, your words, and even your integrity by way of association.

As I say above "To thine own self be true". You are the master of your own domain, so be truthful, kind and thoughtful and hope to get some back in kind. Pay it forward, stop assigning value to deeds, good or bad, don't wait for compensation, ecpect nothing ang you avoid dissapointment.

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