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Our Wedding 1986

A slideshow ofour wedding photos. My friend Tony Fetch took the pics and did a great job. Unfortunately, the film was deteriorating by the time I scanned them so the colour is a bit off and there is some mould on the surface. Nevertheless, it was the start to a great marriage.

Time: 4 mins

Fast Food - but good! 2016 Short film.

A beautiful, quiet afternoon roast turns into a 1 minute pigfest as we speed up a 30 minute video of lunch. Later we are joined by a King Parrot who casually shares the table with us.

Time: 3 mins

Ann's 50th Birthday Party 2005

Unusually for us, we threw a party for Ann's 50th birthday. She was graced with the presence of good friends from Sydney, Wollongong and Melbourne. This was shot as a memento, with some intros and candid scenes.

Running time: 15 mins

Barbeque at Hanging Rock 1984

A group of us decided to camp at Hanging Rock in Vic and re-enact the movie but with aliens and ninja's. Didn't quite make it, instead we drank too much and enjoyed ourselves in the peace and quiet of the bush. Includes some summer barbies at the Lysaght Recreation Centre in Hastings.

Running time: 42 mins

Sydney Trip 2006

A slideshow of our trip to Sydney with John and Mallory.

Running time: 12 mins

Weekend at Surfers 2010

After winning free accomodation on the Gold Coast, we spent the weekend with Warwick and Louise. Visited Dreamworld and was fascinated by Tiger Island. Includes random scenes of the Gold Coast.

Running time: 21 mins