Family Movies

Meyers in Australia

A trip down memory lane. This is a collection of footage from 8mm that has been preserved for future generations.
After arriving in Australia after the horrors of WWII the Meyers settled in Wollongong and raised a family of 8 kids. Various footage of the family in the early days. Old family friends are also featured.

Running time: 78 mins

You can't be "Sirius"? 2013

An excellent week away on a houseboat on Tincan Bay, Qld. My brothers and I (plus a nephew) met at Tincan Bay for a week of fishing and relaxing in April 2013. The weather was beautiful, the company great and we all shared some great laughs while feasting on crab (well, not me!).

Running time: 55 mins

Loves Fool 2008

A short film made by my daughter while attending Swinburne in Vic.
Full credits.

Running time: 2 mins