Storm over Coffs Harbour
Xmas Eve 2017

Twas the night before Christmas,
and all through the house,
No sound could be heard,
not even a mouse?
Bullshit, last night we had a 4 hour lightning storm and we had front row. The mice were hiding, but the crickets and frogs loved it!

Time: 5 mins

Goanna Pulling Championship 2016

Held on October 2nd 2016 at Wooli NSW, the Australian National Goanna Pulling Championship is a typical Aussie Event that has to be seen to be believed. Sports minded people challenge others in the same weight category to be the champion. As the day is a family event day, a carnival atmosphere is provided for kids and adults. Also includes woodchop competitions.

For more information go to: Goanna Pulling website

Time: 13 mins

Dolphin Marine Magic Show 2016

A morning at the Dolphin Magic Show at Coffs Harbour. What a great treat to touch a dolphin, and interact with other sea creatures. Not only is there a great show, but aquariums, face painting and a snake show. We went with my nephew and his partner. Excellent morning.

Running time: 15 mins

For more information go to: Dolphin Marine Magic

The making of the TQC tapes 1986

The only 'uncensored' copy of the bloopers from the Lysaght Total Quality Control video tapes. This was my sanity project. Managers from far and wide would drop by our video facility to catch up on the latest bloopers - having a good laugh at themselves.
I added some broadcast content for audiences who are not familiar with the people on show here...

Running time: 25 mins