Digger Dan

Trip to Nundle June 2017

A documentary style video of 3 retired men's trip to Nundle NSW. Here the boys go gem hunting with some hilarious moments. More a 'few days away' than a serious prospecting holiday. All the fellas are photographers so the video includes excellent photos of country scenes in both colour and infrared, stopping at places like Hillgrove, Nundle, Thunderbolt's Rock and Ebor Falls.

Narrated and presented by "Digger" Dan, a true Aussie.

More incredible micro photos at youngphotography.com.au

Running time: 45 mins

Trip to Lightning Ridge 2016

Dan, Steve and Ray trek out to Lightning Ridge on the NSW/Qld border to have a go at fossicking. We needed to learn about the methods used, best places to fossick and the general lay of the land. Join us as we venture into the Aussie Bush to see how 'others' live.

Time: 35 mins

Digger Dan goes camping - 2007

During a drought in 2007, Digger Dan goes camping inside a super large water catchment area. Here the exposed rocks and trees that have been underwater for decades are exposed highlighting a beautiful photographic landscape, plus other country scenes.

Running time: 7 mins

In Search of Old Nana 2007

Danny, Hayden and myself spend a day in the bush searching for remnants of the old Nana Glen gold stamper.
We enter a mine, discover the stamper and wander around some overgrown mining sites.

Running time: 22 mins