While a strange topic for me, I see bullying everywhere and I feel compelled to have my say.

The news media shows and highlights bullying at schools and everyone has an opinion about what should be done, yet nothing really changes. WHY?

Maybe, just maybe, because bullying is everywhere, not only a problem in schools, but everywhere. As we mature we cope better with bullying and how we react is a consequence of the person inside us, that which is a result of experience. Don't get me wrong, I don't condone it in any form. I'm just suggesting that it's part of human nature and society.

I can't imagine being a bully, but I also can't imagine being the President of the USA. To lead others requires some balls. Leaders are said to be born as leaders, they have the ability to push and order people around, just like a bully. It comes from the inner belief of absolute surety - they are right and we will do it their way, "He who hesitates is lost." Yes, our bully bosses push us around, but they reward us with money so we allow it. If we don't get rewarded then we get damaged.

I know someone who was bullied all through school, so much so that she still is looking for acceptance for her deeds, and is quick to pass the blame for failure onto someone else. She has a heart of gold, but can find nowhere to put it, so her life consists of few friends, a mistrust of strangers, and a quick determination of character, right or wrong.

So the pecking order is alive and well and serving society as a means of allowing the strong to lead the weak. Because the weak are pushed around they serve the strong as well as other weak persons, that's why people in the nursing and service industry are generally big hearted, kind, patient and loving. They surround themselves with like minded persons to minimise stress and to confirm that their character is normal and acceptable.

The strong, on the other hand, are always competing fot power and position, generally at the cost of the weak. This has been going on since Adam and Eve. Any historical document will highlight the struggle for power and position, at the cost of the weak. Let's face it - you can't change human nature no matter how hard you try,

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